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Supporting Practicing Nurses



Education Doesn't Stop When Nurses Enter Practice


Only 10% of nurse managers have confidence in their new graduate nurses* and 98% of practicing nurses want more professional training*. Are you using high fidelity simulation to address these statistics?

Simulations can help you ease the path from academia to practice for novice nurses, but are not solely meant to address new nurse onboarding. Continuing education, protocol practice, as well as building communication skills among diverse teams can help meet the increasing expectations in today’s nursing environment.


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Nursing's New Norm

Using Simulation to Create the Competencies You Want

Nursing has settled into a new norm. In this short article, we discuss how nursing has changed in the past 25 years, and how increasing your simulation fidelity can help you impart the necessary skills in today’s nursing environment.


CAUTI, CLABSI, and More. How Are You Training for Infection Control?

Nurses, no matter how talented and prepared, are still human beings capable of committing errors. Training to avoid them is key to minimizing risk. The Nursing Anne Simulator platform is designed to simplify continued training on core nursing skills that can address issues of infection control through simple and realistic team training and repetitive practice.





central line  

 Central Line Site Care and Infusion       


Post Surgical Mastectomy Care 


stoma care

 Stoma Care                                   


wound assessment  

 Wound Assessment and Care                   

 Urinary Catheterization

Complete urinary Catheterisation and Care 


Latest News

Extremely realistic obstetric simulator for fetal extractions at Cesarean deliveries: Obstetric surgery skills and procedural training can be true-to-life with the C-Celia suite of birthing simulators. The material used in the simulator feels life-like (no hard plastics), is very durable and easy to clean.
During the month of October, a special emphasis lies on increasing awareness, early detection, and treatment to heighten palliative care of breast cancer. It is 3B Scientific’s mission to advance medical and healthcare delivery globally, and our focus prevails on educating about early signs and diagnosis of breast cancer.
Three days of productive information and knowledge exchanged has recently been concluded to this year’s DIDACTA Italy in Florence. Didacta Italy is the most important fair focused on education and vocational training in the region. It is directed to institutions, school directors, educators and trainers as well as professionals and entrepreneurs engaged in school and technology sector.
Back in July this year, a message reached us from Dr. Solveig Groß, asking whether 3B Scientific could support her educational efforts in Irrawaddy Delta, Myanmar. Dr. Groß is a gynecologist who has spent several years working together with the Artemed Stiftung in Tutzing, Germany, to provide continuing medical education and hands-on skill training for nurses and midwives.
World Restart a Heart Day is a global awareness day aimed at increasing bystander CPR. From school children learning to save the life of a loved one, to healthcare providers refreshing their CPR skills, CPR training events are happening around the world today.
Education Doesn't Stop When Nurses Enter Practice
Video Library Empowers Customers to Independently Perform Common Tasks
The Limbs & Things Knee Aspiration & Injection Trainer is an ultrasound compatible, anatomically correct adult right Knee, for teaching the fundamentals of joint injection to both postgraduates and undergraduates.
Why You May Want to Include Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Your Simulations
3B Scientific launched the innovative concept of combining extensive virtual content with its original anatomical models called 3B Smart Anatomy in July 2019.
Today's healthcare institutions are faced with the same challenge: how to achieve more with less.
SonoSim's new aorta and IVC real-patient scanning cases are available in the Aorta/IVC Core Clinical Module
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