Nervous System Models

"Physiology of Nerves" Series-5 models,metal board

The Physiology of Nerves series displays the basic structures of the human nervous system.

Experiment Set “Conduction of Impulses to Nerve Fibres”

Experiment Set “Conduction of Impulses to Nerve Fibres” according to Prof. Dr. Matthias Ducci / Prof. Dr. Marco Oetken Model for simulating the conduction of impulses along nerve fibres.

Motor End Plate

The motor end plate model depicts the neuromuscular junction with striated muscle fiber.

Motor Neuron Diorama

Motor neuron diorama magnified more than 2,500 times, this motor neuron model represents a fully three-dimensional reproduction of a motor nerve cell situated within a milieu of interacting neurons and a skeletal muscle fibre.

Myelin Sheaths of the CNS

This myelin sheath model shows the glial cells which build the insulating layer around the axons of the central nervous system.

Nervous System, 1/2 life size

This nervous system relief model shows a schematic representation of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Neuron Cell Body

The neuron cell body depicts a part of the human nervous system in colorful anatomical detail.

Schwann Cells of the PNS

This section of the nervous system depicts a Schwann cell with sectioned core.

Spinal Cord Model 5 times life size

The Spinal cord model illustrates the composition of the spinal cord, magnified to a scale of about 5:1.


The synapse model features the endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria and the membranes of the synaptic gap.

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