SimMan 3G

An easy to use advanced patient simulator

SimMan 3G training scenario

SimMan 3G is an adult patient simulator designed to deliver the most realistic training possible whilst remaining easy to set up and simple to operate.

SimMan 3G comes with a long list of features that will optimise simulation training scenarios including automatic drug recognition, light sensitive pupils, bodily fluid excretion and Wi-Fi portability.

Wireless technology makes SimMan 3G flexible and mobile, so that it is possible to conduct training for the entire rescue chain and allow team training which includes patient handover and emergency reporting.



5 Years of experience and enhancements

SimMan 3G uses innovative technology to increase realism and create more effective simulation.

Currently, SimMan 3G is helping customers all over the world with in excess of 1100 systems in use. This experience has helped Laerdal to evolve the 3G system to the multifunctional and trusted platform that it is today.

Here are some areas where enhancements have been made:

Quieter operation with longer running time.
Better temperature tolerances so can be used covered with duvet for scenarios especially nursing when in a bed.

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Wi-Fi Router
Improved stability of connection.

Integrated PC
New software and computer systems offering better speeds and reliability.

Right leg
Automatic fluid filling and draining for ease of use.

Eye Blender
Increased stability and optimal pupil response.

More precise measurements with less resistance to injections and infusions.

USB Headset
Better quality communication and covering one ear allows instructor to also hear the communication around the manikin in the scenario.

Clothing with 5th year edition SimMan 3G
Integrated zips on a durable jacket and denim jeans, plus a wig and a gown, add realism to simulation.


Ultrasound Solution for SimMan 3G

An optional Ultrasound Solution, embedded to the skin, can help improve point-of-care diagonstics for focused assessment with sonography for trauma care (eFAST), rapid ultrasound for critical care (RUSH) and cardiac resuscitation training.
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A video introduction to LLEAP

Software that Simplifies SimMan 3G operation

LLEAP provides an intuitive graphical user interface that allows both novice and expert instructors to access vital signs, log notes ready for debrief and run effective simulation scenarios.

Training can be run in Automatic Mode, to provide a quick set up and automated operation, or in Manual Mode, to allow instructors to use their experience.

The software does this by combining physiological models, pre-programmed patient cases and an innovative method for managing model based simulation.

Instructors can also take advantage of pre-programmed pharmacological responses for over 149 drugs and devices to repeatedly run even the most complex cases with ease and adapt scenarios to challenge the skills of every student.


Use SimCenter to Enhance Simulation Training

A wide range of training scenarios can be developed and purchased using SimCenter.

SimMan 3G can also be integrated with SimView to allow for full video capture of training ready for debrief.

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Feature List

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