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Should you rely solely on textbooks and clinical cases to develop competence in ventilator management? Hands-on experience adjusting the ventilator is invaluable to developing clinical skills.

With IngMar Medical test lungs and breathing simulators, you can provide hands-on training – at no risk to patients! Develop and assess your students’ competence with a range of clinical scenarios which might otherwise take weeks or months in the ICU to encounter.

We strive to design our products to work as part of  a modular system that you can customize and expand according to your current requirements and budget. Below are some packages designed to address the needs of respiratory care  and medical simulation educators. Questions? 

Ventilator Management Training

  • Basic: Provide a vivid image of how compliance, resistance and leaks affect ventilation
  • Intermediate: Demonstrate ventilator triggering and modes designed to support the actively breathing patient
  • Advanced: Create high-fidelity respiratory simulations and challenge students with actively breathing patients


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